' Eagle Broadcasting and EBC Films Present: Make it Reel

QUEZON CITY, Philippines (EBC) – by Alexandra Megia

Quiet on the set! And action!” It’s every aspiring director’s dream to shout these words on their first movie set. Unfortunately, not all are granted the opportunity.

Eagle Broadcasting Corporation (EBC) and EBC Films will help make those dreams real, by offering a five-day workshop, “Make it Reel.”

Promotional poster of EBC Films’ “Make it Reel” seminar. This five-day seminar workshop features tools for aspiring filmmakers

The workshops feature seminars on directing, acting and guerrilla filmmaking.
Make it Reel gives aspiring filmmakers a venue to hone their skills and showcase their talents,“ says international award-winning writer/director Carlo Cuevas who leads some of the workshops.

The other workshop speakers and their topics are as follows:
Richard Quan – Tools of an actor
Jon Lucas – Challenges a working actor might encounter
Victor Neri – Character development
Antonio Aquitañia – How to be an effective comedian
Art De Guzman – Role of an Actor
Chelina Talavera – Discussion of Substitution, Inner Objects & Beats and Actions
Joel Ferrer, Miko Livelo – Responsibilities of a Director
Jet Leyco – Visual Storytelling

Director and Writer for EBC Films.
Resident Artist at Erehwon Center for the Arts
Director, Cinematographer at ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs
Films include: “Tintoy,” “Ang Pag-ikli ng Buhok ng Batang Babae,” “Ritmo ng Pangarap,” “Walang Take Two,” “GUERRERO,” and “GUERRERO DOS Tuloy ang Laban”

During the five-day workshop, the main workshop topic “Guerrilla Filmmaking” will have the participants use their knowledge acquired throughout “Make it Reel” where they will use their own equipment. Participants will be put into groups where they’ll have an opportunity to produce a two to five minuter short films starting from pre-production (logistics and writing) to post-production.

It will be followed by an “Awards Night,” a formal event that will be held in the new INC Museum Theater. All films produced will be shown in a short-movie marathon and awards will be given out.

The awards in store include Best Director, Best Screenplay, Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor And Actress, Best In Promoting Values, and Best Film.

“EBC gave me the opportunity to make movies, and [EBC] is a place where I can tell stories through movies,” says Cuevas.

He said that he wants to give other filmmakers the same “opportunity to tell their stories” as well.

Cuevas is also excited about the Awards Night that will conclude the five-day workshop.
“I’m excited and I think this, really will not just give them knowledge and experience but also something that gives them some fun.”

UPDATED 02/06/2020: Complete list of speakers and seminars.