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EBC Films, the film production arm of Eagle Broadcasting Corporation, was established in 2017. It’s first movie “Guerrero” garnered international acclaim and won several awards in the international film festival circuit. Director Carlo Ortega Cuevas won such accolades as the Best International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema in London 2017, the Best New Comer Filmmaker of the Year at the World Film Awards in Jakarta, Indonesia 2017, Best Feature Comedy in the Amsterdam International Festival of World Cinema 2018. In 2019, Guerrero had won best screenplay at the International Film Festival Manhattan and Los Angeles International Film Festival, Best Foreign Film July 2019.  Julio Sabernorio garned PMPC Star Awards 2017 Best Child Actor for his his portrayal of Miguel.

For EBC Film’s second offering, “Hapi ang Buhay, the Musical” is a spin-off from the Net 25 sitcom, Hapi ang Buhay. It won PMPC Star Awards for Movies 2019 – Best Indie theme song.  Both films have been released and distributed for audiences around the world.  It is the mission of EBC Films to produce entertaining yet values–based films that have moral lessons to share.

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