by Emily Manuel
Contributor, Eagle News

(Eagle News) – After the successful launch of “Guerrero” and “Hapi ang Buhay the Musical,” two films that have won international critical acclaim, EBC Films is set to produce “Guerrero Dos, Tuloy ang Laban” (the fight continues).

This was announced by Directors Stephen Cruz and Carlo Ortega Cuevas, in a story conference held at the Movie Stars Café, Quezon City last April 22, 2019.

Guerrero is a story of the struggles of Ramon Guerrero, a boxer, and his relationship with younger brother Miguel. The sequel will focus on Miguel who, like his brother, overcomes his own challenges in life.

According to Director Cuevas, the film will adopt the same treatment as the first movie, but the approach will be different. The sequel will capture how Miguel will face obstacles at such a young age.

Julio Cesar Sabenorio, who plays Miguel, is both nervous and excited about his role. He’s thankful for the opportunity and says he will never forget the experience. Sabenorio won the Philippine Movie Press Club Star Awards Movie Child Performer of the Year in 2018.

Sabenorio is joined by actor Genesis Gomez, who plays Ramon Guerrero, and Art de Guzman and Mia Suarez who will both play new characters.

EBC Films’ President Rowena dela Fuente-Deimoy says that EBC Films will continue its mission to provide child-friendly and meaningful films that are full of values.

“The objective of EBC Films is to provide the audience with an alternative to mainstream media which is to provide entertaining films that teach moral values,” adds Robert Capistrano, EBC Films’ Head of Operations.

Guerrero Dos, Tuloy ang Laban is scheduled to hit cinemas nationwide in September 2019.